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              Welcome to Wuxi Pepsi Bestway Material Technology Co., Ltd.

              Bestway is focused on the villa courtyard aluminum art high-end product development, production and sales as one of the integrated enterprise. Products covered aluminum garden courtyard doors, guardrail, sun shed, membrane structure carport, into the door, carved screen stairs, engineering fence and other areas. The company currently has two automatic spraying lines, automatic stamping and other advanced equipment, in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system of production, with excellent product and project quality to win praise. Then the use of road fence and play what role? Here to introduce you:
              First, the advantages of road fence
              1. Weatherability, salt spray resistance, heat resistance: fence regardless of the cold days in the north and the hot days of the South will not have an impact on the use. Product salt spray resistance and thermal resistance are through the relevant departments of the test, there is no obvious reaction, so users can rest assured under the long-term use of different conditions.
              2. Long service life: Because this fence depends on the excellent material of the product, the key execution and the advanced production technology of the product. The use of assembled combinations to complete the relative welding products, the more beautiful, firm, more importantly, will not damage the substrate surface, to ensure the product life. In the case of
              3. Low maintenance costs: its production process is very advanced, in the use of the process, we will find it with no rust, no discoloration and other characteristics, the process of dust with water plus detergent can be beautiful as new.
               Second, the road fence installation
              1, the road fence in the factory has been ordered according to the order of the assembly requirements, the product arrived at the construction site only after the column of the steel lining parts into a stable base, according to the use of departments to extend the layout of the line.
              2, in order to improve the fence of the wind, anti-malicious movement, should be a stable base and the use of internal expansion bolt on the ground for fixed.
              3, the completion of the basic layout of the use of special bolts will be properly connected to each section of the fence.
              4, according to user requirements in the fence column fixed installation of the reflector.
              5, mobile cast iron seat can be used spike or expansion screw symmetrical lock.
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