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              Welcome to Wuxi Pepsi Bestway Material Technology Co., Ltd.

              Pepsi is focused on the villa courtyard aluminum art high-end product development, production and sales as one of the integrated enterprise. Products covered aluminum garden courtyard doors, guardrail, sun shed, membrane structure carport, into the door, carved screen stairs, engineering fence and other areas. The company currently has two automatic spraying lines, automatic stamping and other advanced equipment, in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system of production, with excellent product and project quality to win praise.
              1, the first step is to first polished: find a rectangular, hand to hold is appropriate Will be one of the more flat side, wrapped with sandpaper, hand pressed after the polished. The order of the polished plane is: Polished, the first to the next after the first outside, the choice of sandpaper is the first rough after the fine. Aluminum corner of the door and shape and details of the site, you have to hand. As for the reasons for grinding it? Mainly to remove the original paint and paint on the impurities, followed by the addition of new paint adhesion.
              2, before the preparation of paint: polished, see the door to see if there are rugged aluminum, if any, with putty leveling, once again polished to smooth state. And then around the art door and the floor to do to protect the paint to prevent these places. And wipe the door with aluminum with a small wet towel. The barrel of paint with a stick to stir evenly, the speed of the hand should not be too fast to prevent splashing.
              3, to paint: brush the first time in the wood paint, the primer is a very important process, but also to know the density of wood, the hardness of those relatively hard wood, primer can be transferred It is thinner, and soft wood primer will be transferred to a little sticky. In the beginning of the paint, when the lines along the wood to brush evenly, do not paint too thick, and so completely dry wood paint with sandpaper polished, polished to feel you feel smooth, no protrusion can be, And then wipe with a soft damp cloth several times, and finally dry. The use of brush can make the depth of penetration of wood wax oil, but also to speed up the construction. Brush the second paint will be transferred to a little thin, and after brushing to cover the first brush of the wood paint, and then with more than 500 heads of water sandpaper with the direction of painting polished, polished to be polished evenly. The use of rubbing can save the amount of wood paint. Wait until the second paint or the last paint dry, immediately with a clean cotton cloth to wipe the wood surface, making the wood surface becomes smooth. Brush the third paint, use a more fine water sandpaper polished, to dipped in water polished, polished to the intensity of uniform, should not be too heavy should not be too light. On the last time after the paint is not polished, you can protect the wax on the edge of a layer of aluminum. Add the number of rubbing, and every time painted with fine sandpaper are polished, the last time with a small wipe and dry wipe can get high-grade aluminum art door effect.
              4, and finally to do on the paint layer protection: usually aluminum door after brushing, to brush the varnish, the paint layer to protect and brighten. The varnish is also consistent with the paint brushing method, but every time the paint brush is less, the number of wipes wiped out the varnish is more. Varnish recommended at least twice, if the brush hair loss phenomenon, be sure to deal with the hair in time, pay attention to the brush only painted aluminum surface does not brush inside the door.
              Wuxi Pepsi warn you: aluminum door through the way of painting can make the door to slow down the oxidation of aluminum, better protection of the aluminum door of its own color, and the correct handling of the paint can also increase the aluminum door Decorative, which is the use of the right way to paint the importance of painting, so the aluminum art door painting process on the requirements of the operator is still very high.
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