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              Welcome to Wuxi Pepsi Bestway Material Technology Co., Ltd.

              Speaking of the advantages, first decorative particularly good, style, format Variety, any choice, free assembly, tube, square tube, plum tube and other random assembly, surface treatment with wood, electrophoresis, spraying, imitation steel and other options , Can also be customized to a variety of colors, stainless steel doors can not be compared, there is better anti-theft, and other materials compared to the aluminum art door, aluminum door of the main anti-theft screw collusion decorative tube The connection, than the stainless steel welding of aluminum doors to be several times stronger, replacement products, unique decorative, to meet the requirements of modern decoration and with a strong anti-theft performance and rapid processing and assembly process, will become the third generation of doors and windows protection Product, aluminum art courtyard door.
              In addition, the overall goodness is very good, and maintenance-free, high security, aluminum art door for the aluminum art door materials, different raw materials produced by the natural price is not the same, in general, the price gap Relatively large, there are more than 100 yuan to several hundred dollars, of course, the lowest price of aluminum is mainly made of aluminum, the use of the value of the current market, there are 35 series profiles, 38 series, 40 series, 60 Series, 70 series, 90 series, the main classification mark is the width of the main frame, the greater the width, indicating the firmness of the product will be better, in general, the use of aluminum doors, width has certain requirements.
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