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              Welcome to Wuxi Pepsi Bestway Material Technology Co., Ltd.

              When it comes to the direction of the villa, in fact, the most important is the direction of the high-end iron door, the door is the possession of the wind, the door is very important, if the front of the door is the road or the opposite house door, Very unfavorable people's spirit and emotions, in the home is also very difficult to have a good feng shui door, leading to the cause will be affected.
              For the overall feng shui villa orientation, in fact, it is best to be placed in the home of the bit, for the overall orientation of the house, you can place according to the owner's life to decide, for example, "Yang life fire people" Direction, then the overall orientation of the residential area can be the main southwest, played the role of Sheng Wang residential. Generally from the perspective of feng shui sitting north feng shui is the most favorable, and good feng shui in the home also has a good argument, can play the argument that the whole house, in general, the overall orientation of the house is related to the door Of the direction, but the direction of the door if it is evil spirits directed, you can also use the entrance to improve.
              If the front door of the house is a road or a building, it may be easy to produce invisible evil spirits, then even if the door is open in the auspicious position is also very easy to destroy the gas field, it is recommended to put more favorable plants in the door, or You can place the entrance, the entrance can play the role of possession of the wind, you can live a good magnetic field.
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