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              Welcome to Wuxi Pepsi Bestway Material Technology Co., Ltd.

              Bestway is focused on the villa courtyard aluminum art high-end product development, production and sales as one of the integrated enterprise. Products covered aluminum garden courtyard doors, guardrail, sun shed, membrane structure carport, into the door, carved screen stairs, engineering fence and other areas. The company currently has two automatic spraying lines, automatic stamping and other advanced equipment, in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system of production, the company and many well-known domestic developers (Vanke real estate, gold real estate, Red Star real estate) and construction units , With excellent product and engineering quality to win praise. Pepsi positive response to "Made in China 2025", adhere to the "innovation-driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization, talent-based" basic policy. We continue to pursue advanced design concepts and leading production technology, developed to aluminum alloy substrate for the high-grade fence, garden doors, corridors, wall ornaments, screens and other products, with fashion, durable, recyclable, cost-effective Many advantages for the villas, gardens, landscapes, urban landscaping into a new vitality. Villa aluminum fence installed on the environment is also required:
              1. Before the construction of security technology must be completed, not illegal operations, subject to the command of security personnel.
              2. care for all safety facilities and utensils, so that the correct use is not easy to change.
              3. Construction workers to enter the site to wear helmets, seat belts, welding personnel must wear insulation shoes.
              4. When welding to have a personal care, prepared fire equipment, welding immediately view the scene, to determine the hidden danger, before the scene can be evacuated.
              Wuxi Baixi Wei remind you: After the completion of the construction, the construction site of the material stacked neatly, the daily construction of the remaining scrap for finishing, cleaning, Establish eye-catching warning signs for construction areas and hazardous areas and take protective measures.
              Copy right ? 2016 WUXI BESTWAY BUILDING MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO., LYD. All Rights Reserved
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