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              Welcome to Wuxi Pepsi Bestway Material Technology Co., Ltd.
              • Patio door
              • Railing
              • Handrail
              • Pavilion
              • Shed
              • Entrance door

              Strong market potential; high-end custom door
              industry profit margins just unfolding; higher;
              brand influence expanding;


              Advanced manufacturing technology; design ability;
              standard strict and reliable; profitability and security management mechanism; specification;

              Franchise support
              • 1. Excellent product quality
              • 2. Price advantage (big profit space)
              • 3. Easy to join, make money quickly, do not join fees, as long as we buy our products can be
              • 4. Professional design service support
              • 5. Good operation support system
              • 6. Provide a variety of product samples
              • 7. Installation instruction

              • Form an agreement or contract to join in;
              • The project for the record; the purpose is to protect the project, the project operation exclusive rights; safeguard the interests of dealers; safeguard measures for enterprises to eliminate the dealers concerns, if you find my party or third party on behalf of the Bestway in this project, we will distinguish the original compensation; rights and obligations.
              • You set up shop - Pepsi Wei to provide you with professional field market research, site selection, to ensure adequate preparation for the early stage
              • You set up shop - Pepsi Wei for you to design doors and windows industry 7 Star stores, to ensure high-grade design
              • You shop - Pepsi provide you with the perfect construction supervisor guidance, to ensure the effect of 7 Star stores
              • You set up shop - Pepsi Wei for you to create a good team, to ensure that 7 Star Store Operations Management
              • Provide excellent sales team you shop - Bestway for you, ensure that you opened, alliance, group purchase, store activities successfully
              • You set up shop - Pepsi Wei to provide you with the whole nanny initiative to help services, to ensure that you easily earn millions of years
              • Design
              • Administration
              • Train
              • System
              • Research
              • Operate

              PepsiCo has a unified brand SI, VI image system, has a professional space design team, sample design team, advertising design team. For each franchise stores to provide professional doors and windows exhibition hall design, and provide related brand licensing certificate, product qualification certificate, inspection certificate, brand honor certificate, etc.. The whole terminal unified brand, unified product, unified management, unified service, unified distribution, unified training, unified image, make the brand image more standardized professional.

              PepsiCo has the professional terminal operation management team, providing systematic, effective and long-term service support for the franchised stores. It is a powerful guarantee for the long-term access to the market and the continuous improvement of revenue. Accurate brand positioning and scientific communication strategy, so that the brand reputation quickly implanted target population; Pepsi marketing team combined with the actual situation of the regional market, to create personalized marketing strategy. To carry out the "one to one" all-round nanny management for each franchise store. Including store display and management, personnel training, activity planning, activity implementation, residential marketing, channel sales, etc.. Pepsi industrys original initiative marketing model, so that stores always keep the peak sales status.

              Headquarters have professional training team, the implementation of the industrys leading business school training mechanism, hiring Chinas top home building materials actual marketing experts as guidance. For the store staff skills training in the whole year, high frequency, guidance and training coverage store sales, service, design, installation and implementation of planned activities, customer service and a full range of support, open stage dealer training, training, training manager, designer, installation guide training training courses, escorting business, occupy the commanding height of the market, grasp the the future of the industry.

              Bestway and environmental protection raw material suppliers to maintain long-term strategic cooperative relations, the introduction of advanced CNC cutting equipment and global glass production equipment, to achieve full digital control of the production process, strict implementation of international environmental management and quality certification system, ensure the product to keep the international quality level. Increasingly perfect manufacturing system, the division of labor division clear, quality and quantity, and quickly complete the entire production process.

              Bestway has independently developed exclusive design software and top senior design team as a strong backing store technical support services; and realize the design of networking, always lead the market trend direction, each quarter launch of new products and new technology, to enhance the market competitiveness, professional aesthetic collocation of various environmental protection materials, transformation products and a series of thousands of different styles, covering the whole house each functional area of the window is equal to the category, open ten stores open a shop. Prospective R & D design capabilities, Pepsi doors and windows products always lead the trend front.

              Through the joint efforts of manufacturers and distributors, users will come to the enterprise WeChat public service platform, regular users push to the relevant product information and promotions, strengthen customer loyalty, to discover and develop the intention of customers, and according to the assigned local distributor door service situation, expand user channels, improve sales performance.

              Franchise conditions

              1. Capital strength

              2. Store site requirements

              3. Marketing ability and brand awareness of the operation requirements

              4. Values agree

              Franchise process
              maintenance management

              1. Regional Manager Consultant assistance

              2. National unified promotion and promotion strategy

              3. Planning and organization of large sales promotion activities

              4. Free design of store decoration

              5. 24 - hour service hotline, and for the franchisee. All kinds of solution wart, form a good security service system

              6. Strict regional policy protection should be carried out to protect the interests of the franchisee to the utmost extent, avoid the collision between allies

              7.Provide the "to the store, rapidly improve the franchisee sales management team and operation ability, excellent user experience

              8. On site inspection, evaluation, supervision and guidance service quality, store management, business effectiveness, carrying out regional responsibility system

              • Decoration cost rebate
              • Advertising rebate
              • Advertising
              • Sample discount
              • Flagship store
              • Sales rebate
              【 Maintenance of aluminum doors 】

              1, Pay attention to regular dust. Outdoor dust flying, over time, aluminum door will fall on a layer of dust. It will affect the color of the door of the aluminum art, which led to the protection of aluminum door protective film. So should always wipe the door of outdoor aluminum art, generally soft pieces of cotton fabric wipe as well.

              2, Pay attention to moisture. If only the general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured that the aluminum door of the anti-rust. Such as foggy weather, the application of dry cotton wipe the aluminum on the door of the water droplets; if the rainy days, should be stopped after the rain in time to dry water droplets.

              3, Avoid bumping. This is the first time to buy aluminum door to pay attention to the point, the aluminum door in the handling process should be careful, place should be safe place, once selected, it should not be frequent changes, the installation of aluminum door The wall should also be smooth, so that the installation of aluminum doors stable, plain.

              4, Away from acid and alkali. (Such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as alkali, soapy water, soda water), should immediately use the water to the pollution of the Department of Alcohol, Rinse and dry with dry cotton.

              There's a problem, focus on Pepsi WeChat public accounts,
              Professional customer service answer!
              • Sales center:B No. 1-3, Dongfeng profile City, Wuxi
              • production base:Wuxi Huishan District shitangwan Industrial Park
              • Contacts:Mr. Zhang
              • Mobile:18800553555 / 18800557555
              • tel:0510-82444430
              • Fax:0510-83853177
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