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              Welcome to Wuxi Pepsi Bestway Material Technology Co., Ltd.

              Home taste of the embodiment of the concept of life is the product. Design, and gradually become the soul of home and abroad products inside and outside. Has excellent design ability, is a measure of the strength of a soft corporate culture is an important manifestation. We spare no effort to invest a lot of money, integration of domestic and foreign excellent design resources, leading the domestic high-end door industry design concept trends and trends.

              Through the introduction of the development mode of cooperation and cooperation, PepsiCo has cultivated a number of design team with excellent product design service ability. And the market demand for accurate judgment, the first time in accordance with customer demand, quickly expand the product design ideas. The design concept and cultural and artistic and living habits of the perfect fusion.

              Pepsi fully believe that by virtue of our top designers team, Pepsi's product design will enter the international perspective, but also for the domestic high-end door industry design trends and ideas into a fresh air. There is reason to believe that through the PepsiCo collection of long, Pepsi product design will become a beautiful scenery. Pepsi's vision will also be through the humanities and arts in the product to get refined expression.

              To create high-end, towards the international, you and my Pepsi, the world's Pepsi!

              Perfect match

              Only the use of good materials can be durable, it is an important guarantee for the appearance, safety and health.

              Sophisticated equipment creates good quality

              Sheet metal system: the introduction of international advanced sheet metal system, easy to operate, more flexible, suitable for all kinds of high-precision sheet metal processing.
              Hydraulic equipment: the door with 2000 tons of hydraulic molding equipment processing, surface smoothness, increased strength.
              Rolling equipment: the door frame using roll forming process, rolling the door frame shape beautiful, strong steel.
              Automatic spraying transfer equipment: the use of advanced automatic spraying lines, finished color bright, strong adhesion paint. Facade, door frame surface after phosphating.
              • Equipment
              • Equipment
              • Equipment
              • Equipment
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